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OCCUPY WALL STREET... Revolt... Reform... Neither?

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Topic: OCCUPY WALL STREET... Revolt... Reform... Neither?
Posted By: M I X E Y
Subject: OCCUPY WALL STREET... Revolt... Reform... Neither?
Date Posted: Oct 07 2011 at 4:57am - OCCUPY WALL STREET is a grassroots movement that I am watching. I am not affiliated with it, or endorsing it at this time. I'm interested to see what they are doing.

Wall Street big wigs were on their balconies, arrogantly toasting the protesters with champagne and laughing, as the protesters marched on Wall Street.

The fact that the media has been blocking what is going on, tells me there must be significant concern that this may be the beginning of something HUGE!

Out of the thousands of people who marched on Wall Street, there were supposedly around 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge. This happened a day or so ago... and protesters have been there for days. Did any of you hear about it?? I heard about Amanda Knox, being released from prison in Italy. I heard many other pieces of news. What's up with this?

Today... Occupy Wall Street, will be here in downtown San Diego. I wouldn't even have known about the march on Wall Street, if our local news here in San Diego had not made us aware that the same will be going on here today. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

The idea is to show up in mass, with steadfast solidarity, and stay on topic.

"Occupy Wall Street" is FED up with elected officials who are not working for us and keeping their promises.

Is this the start of a mass...
REVOLT ?? (a radical movement, which demands immediate change)...
REFORM ?? (a movement which brings about gradual change)
NEITHER ?? (a movement of no consequence)

What do you think ??


Posted By: dream207
Date Posted: Oct 07 2011 at 8:05am
Hi Mixey,
I heard about all the protests on the Brooklyn Bridge and elsewhere on the national news.  I watch ABC News.
I think it's too early to tell where these protests will go and how meaningful they will be.  I do think Wall Street protests are symbolic of the frustration and anger many people are feeling towards the bailout of the big banks,  the housing crisis, lack of jobs and the economy in general.  I also think they reflect peoples frustration and anger at Washington, the partisanship existing there, and the lack of anything to help the average American who is in trouble.  I think people see the president as weak and the members of Congress as idiots.  Their frustration is coming out in peaceful protests currently, but they could escalate as more become involved.  If a "movement" becomes organized - and it might now that unions are involved - it may become much larger and spread across the country.  I think people are frustrated with government on the national, state and local levels.
It will be interesting to see how this spreads, or dies out.


Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 07 2011 at 9:54am
Hi Everybody!!!

I have been posting lots of thoughts and news release stuff day by day on
"Occupy Wall Street" since September 27th, over in the the - $$ Jobs $$ Thread,
which kinda got sidetracked a bit by the "Occupy" Protests news.

There is alot of day by day developement history about all of this,
(Media Blackout stuff, and the turnaround) etc., concerning Occupy Wall Street" & "Occupy ..Everything") in those posts - over there as well,
and for reference purposes,
I'll copy some of them now into this thread as well.

Very interesting what is going on with ALL of this!
~BigSmiles, Geno

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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 07 2011 at 9:59am
{From the $$ Jobs $$ Thread]
Sept 27th 2011

The Occupy Wall Street Protesters

"... With an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent
and thousands of educated college students graduating
without any hope of finding a job,
the call to duty seems to be a personal one.

They vow to stay indefinitely; or at least until real change is made.

For now, the Wall Streeters may glare down flippantly,
perched comfortably up above,
but ...when will they have to step down and face the music? ..."


With unemployment sure to head to double digit figures very soon....

Is this how

and possibly where

a revolution & overthrow

can get started?...

— Wall Street Mocks Protesters with Champagne —

More info about this story,
The Occupy Wall Street Protesters...
(which has gotten very little "news coverage" I had to actually Google search it!)
can be found - here

And I just found this...

And OMG!!!

Please... Please... Please...
Not Kent State ...all over again,
but this time,
peacefully protesting
Wall Street Greed
people wanting to be able to just have a job and live.

...what a nightmare!

Now Wall Street Greed is putting our Police against our Citizens.
Please, ...not this again.

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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 07 2011 at 10:06am
{from the $$ Jobs $$ Thread}
Oct 3 2011


The Occupy Wall Street Protests
are beginning to draw
much unwanted attention
to the crimes of the Wall Street
"greed is really good for the elite" crowd,
that got all of us caught up in a...
"... financial rat trap".

... and from the world of accurate news gathering...
FoxNews censors it's own FoxNews Interview...?


Why would FoxNews refuse to air this interview with Jesse LaGreca?

Update; I just read this in reference to the above Video interviewing Jesse LaGreca... - - Exclusive: Occupy Wall Street Activist Slams Fox News Producer In Un-Aired Interview [Video - - (read here)

"... Even if Geraldo Rivera was at the Zuccotti Park yesterday, Fox News has generally been a tad dismissive of the Occupy Wall Street movement. (as of this writing) has no coverage of this national event on their front page stories. (Hard to imagine for a network that was so gung-ho about the Tea Party!) Red Eye‘s Bill Schulz went out to try to “prank” the protesters. Bill O’Reilly sent a producer minion out with the same mission: to belittle OWS’s cause by cutting up interviews to make people sound stupid."

"Well, here is an interview that Fox News filmed, but doesn’t want you to see. The segment was shot on Wednesday for Greta van Susteren‘s show..." - - (continued, read here)


...and FoxNews might wonder why people without any hope of getting a decent job in their future, might be getting just a little upset?


After searching the FoxNews' website...
for any info about Occupy Wall Street
(nothing on the front page headlines),
I did find this article via 'search'
that had this to say...

Protest Movement From the Left
Occupy Wall Street -- More Than Just Another Loony Protest Movement From the Left
By Dan Gainor
Published October 03, 2011
".......The Occupied Wall Street Journal, is “THE REVOLUTION BEGINS AT HOME.”
Not exactly how to sell a movement to ordinary, taxpaying Americans, but demonstrators don’t really care. Remember, this is a global effort. Many protesters aren’t even American or despise American exceptionalism. But they have the force of propaganda on their side to push a typical liberal agenda and the media are throwing support behind them as well.
“A freelance reporter for The New York Times, Natasha Lennard, was among those arrested,” wrote the Times. Unsurprisingly, the police can’t tell Times reporters apart from radical leftists, a problem Americans have been grappling with for years. ... ... " - Occupy Wall Street -- More Than Just Another Loony
(click here)


...Makes you wonder...
what would happen if all of those
aren't even American protesters
started wearing FoxNews t-shirts
...just for the cameras?

Just a thought.

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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 07 2011 at 10:22am
Mixey! I just realized that 'copying' the "Occupy" posts from the $$ Jobs $$ thread over to this thread is more complicated than I thought to keep it all in tack with the responses ... *LoL*
is it possibe to combine/move them into this thread from the $$ Jobs $$ from Sept 27th on... ? from the S.P.A.T. side

Or is it better for me to just copy/paste them here?

Let me know, Genoooooo

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Posted By: M I X E Y
Date Posted: Oct 07 2011 at 6:24pm

I AM SO SORRY!!! Why didn't I make the connection???? I must be losing it, because I remember reading your posts and watching your videos before in the Jobs thread. We even talked about this on the phone!!!! OMG!!!

I'll do whatever everyone wants on the posts from the S. P. A. T. side.

Good grief!!! I think it hit me more as being real, because it was on our local news here. I remember your Kent State comment, and somehow I must have filed it away as being back then. I'm sorry I wasn't more present in conversing about it.


Posted By: s. p. a. t.
Date Posted: Oct 07 2011 at 6:36pm
I'm such an idiot!   I come up with this "revelation" to make sure and watch the "Occupy Wall Street" movement... and Geno has been posting all over - The $$ Jobs $$ Thread about it for over a week!


Should we move Geno's posts and your responses to this thread?

Should we leave everything like it is?

Should we have them in both places?

S. P. A. T.

Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Oct 07 2011 at 9:50pm
      In the Army, they say "Leaders make quick
 decisions." Soooo.... Have them in both places ! Ying%20Yang
  or not.... I'm no leader. Ouch

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: s. p. a. t.
Date Posted: Oct 08 2011 at 2:50pm

Thank you.

Not true, by the way... you're a good leader.   

Geno and I were thinking the same thing... keeping in both places. We'll leave it like it is for a little while longer in case anyone else has an opinion on it.


S. P. A. T.

Posted By: Jeff
Date Posted: Oct 09 2011 at 6:18am
I view this as an unfocused, general revolt against Wall Street, Big Banks,
and Government. Peoples' anger at all the illegal/immoral/unfair activity
the government has sponsored over the last decade has needed a vent
and this seems to be filling the need for the moment.
Sadly, it's clear that the vast majority of these people don't understand
who and what is really responsible for bringing down their standard of
living and ending America's run of prosperity. Until folks educate
themselves and come to understand the root causes they're not going
to know who to go after. The real power brokers have little to
worry about for the time being. 
The wheels of this so-called movement will soon fall off. The approaching
chilly weather, combined with the ratcheted-up abuse from the cops will
soon end these demonstrations in all but the warmest U.S. cities.


Posted By: Jeff
Date Posted: Oct 09 2011 at 6:43pm
My above post doesn't necessarily mean I'm not cheering them...
but in this day and age you need to be media-savvy and organize.


Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 10 2011 at 7:50pm

Some "political types" are beginning to notice that some in America are not happy with what has happened to America under some "political types" crappy "leadership'...

So mass protest 'mobs' is what it takes to even get 'some politicians' to casually notice, that many in America might actually have a small problem with the current system of government for the corporation by some of those "political types".

Imgine that.

Well the good news. I guess, is that there is at least the possibility now of this crossing 'some politicians' minds, of just how bad things really are, for many of their 'constituitients' (aka those scum bag, low life, 'voting mobs' that actually might have voted THEM into the very office that they now hold), Ya know, those unemployed low lifes that had their homes foreclosed because Big Banking, The Fed and Wall Street are just so fair for everybody ... those "mobs"... trying now to simply live 'their' lives without somehow ending up, broke, sick and homeless.

Think about that.

Then ponder... why there might be a small problem with this very big picture of government for the corporation.

Aren't politicians supposed to represent the... oh, never mind.">

While the average Joe, the small business owners trying to stay in business and keep people employed... realize... here's YOUR bail out... -
Pizza anyone?

p.s. By the way... Enjoy the 'Bank of America' commercial that might precede this video story about... foreclosure. Irony!!!!

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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 10 2011 at 11:51pm

Very Interesting... While paranoid people like Glen Beck are now telling his flock on his radio show that these 'protesters are going to kill you' ...listen to what Alan Grayson has to say about Occupy Wall Street...">_
(click here)

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Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Oct 11 2011 at 8:15am
          Nothing drives me more crazy than to see people
 who have no clue. If you don't have  a hint of gray matter by the time you are 16 years old, who do you
 blame? The schools? Mom and Dad? I don't think so....
       We are looking at the end product of materialism.
  For years it's been all about what you have, and not
 how to get it. When times are good, you can get stuff,
 even if it's just excess stuff others grow tired of.
  When times get tough, stuff won't feed you and the
 materialists begin to wake up to reality.
     Excess trickles down, and so does poverty. Gulp !Ouch
   Now...everybody without a clue is in the streets.
 They want government and leaders to "fix" things and
 bring the good times back. They fail to understand that
 our leaders don't suffer bad times, and can't relate to those who have fell off the gravy train.
        The clueless now suffer for being clueless. It's
 always been that way, and now is no exception.
    Nothing can educate people better than the School
 of Hard Knocks. It is the only school that has a perfect
 graduation rate. Everyone graduates, one way or another.

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: Jeff
Date Posted: Oct 11 2011 at 10:38am
You can't educate people who don't care, or who are entirely emotionally
invested in their own opinions to the exclusion of hard facts, or
who are mentally unable altogether.
It is, and has been my opinion for some time that the majority of
American citizens fall into one of these three groups.
So there really isn't much that can be done to straighten out the mess we're in.
Things will continue to unravel.
Those in power who are taking advantage of this reality know that
this unfortunate majority of "challenged citizens" are easily manipulated
and misled. This is how the real power brokers have managed to
run their game so effectively all these years... as easy as lambs to slaughter.
Oh well. So it goes.


Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 11 2011 at 1:28pm
October 11th, 2011

Zee plot thickens...">_ (read full story here)

By the way... note the LACK of headlines also touting positive "ethics" stuff like this:

"Wall Street & Big Bank Executives band together to voluntarily give up bonuses & benefits while continuing to work at salaries slashed to minimum wage, rather than to see even one of their employees face unemployment. Vowing, 'It's our way of giving back'." -
— Stay tuned for more great ethics stories... Film at 11:00.

...on planet freakin' Mars.

(This could become - — Headlines We'd Love To See — Post #001)

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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 14 2011 at 2:00pm

One of the most inspirational speeches
in recorded history
was given by
a comedian
by the name of
Charlie Chaplin.

(Speech by Charlie Chaplin_
(Song: Window by The Album Leaf)

Spanish -
Chinese -
French -
Hungarian -
Dutch -
Greek -
Slovenian -
Polish -
Finnish -
Korean -
Portuguese -
German -

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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 15 2011 at 7:59am
October 15. 2011 -

— BBC: 'Occupy' protests at financial crisis go worldwide —"> (click to watch video)

"...Protesters took to the streets in Sydney, Tokyo and Taipei
Continue reading the main story
Related Stories

In pictures: Worldwide protests
'Money dominates political lives'
Madrid prepares for protest march
Protests against alleged corporate greed and government cutbacks have been rippling around the world's cities.

A large crowd gathered near the Colosseum in central Rome, where there were reports of a bank being attacked and cars were set alight.

Inspired by the Occupy Wall St movement and Spain's "Indignants", demonstrators have turned out from Asia to Europe.

Organisers expect rallies in 82 countries, with the action due to come full circle in New York.

In London, protesters plan to converge on the City for an "Occupy the London Stock Exchange" action.... ... ..." - (full story)

Full Story Continued here)

... looks like the FED. World Banks, the International Monitary Theft Funds, Wall Street scammers and money mafia types, backed by many goobernments,
might have a tiny little global problem growing on their seedy, greedy hands.

They might want to re-think their exclusionary
"screw 'em all, let' em eat cake"
thinking... and fast!

Concerning the concept that
the big money-god-scammers and thiefs
might have
broken laws against Humanity on a Global Scale...

The word "prosecute" is being heard more and more.

But wait... What the hell is this going on?:">


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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 15 2011 at 9:14am
Demands & Prosecute the Theft Perps!

— Occupy Chicago's List of Demands —
     The Chicago Tribune,0,4272482.story">
(full story here)

...It's a damned good start!

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Posted By: Jeff
Date Posted: Oct 15 2011 at 1:30pm
That's a nice list.
Think there's any chance it'll be taken up by ANY politician? Me neither.


Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 15 2011 at 1:58pm
Jeff!!! I agree...
This is really a great list for starters,
and I too would guess that not a single politician will stand up to want to touch it with a ten foot pole.
Very sad!

It looks like, so far today, only "Rome" did not get the memo about
"non-violent... peaceful... civil disobedience", Occupy Protest...
going on around the entire Planet
in 950 Cities
in 82 Countries....

But BBC is reporting that even that one in Rome is calmed down now.

This Bloomberg news story is very interesting,
but what I found equally important,
was one of the
Reader Comments
that follows.
Read what this Marine, who served this country, has to say.

Bloomberg Story first:">
(Full Story continues here)

And now... read this excellent Comment:">



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Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Oct 15 2011 at 5:54pm
         The comment above calls for paying off the national debt. That is the most crazy idea that I keep on hearing from people. There is two reasons we have a national debt. # 1.] Our government has raided every source of cash available to pay for their goddamn wars,
 including the social security funds, pension funds, and the like and then break out the FED money printing machine to provide the rest. The government owes
 the people for this theft..not the other way around.
All of our tax money goes directly to the FED for
 "redistribution" at interest. It can NEVER be paid off.
  We should not be paying the FED a damn dime. Now,
 or in the future !!!! It's like paying police to find your
 stolen money when the police were the thiefs in the first place.
      The #2 reason we have a national debt is that
 we spend more than we take in. DUH Stop the damn
 wars and empire building. Shut down the military
 spending overseas. All of it. Repeal GATT,NAFTA,
 and eliminate all of these so-called "free trade" agreements that are one way trade agreements.
  Stop selling foreign governments arms so they can kill people. End the useless war on drugs.
     There is a huge flow of money going out of this
 country and none coming back. That should tell you
 something. The system we have now does not work.
  End foreign aid to everybody. If you think it works,
 look at Haiti. End all corperate contributions to any
 political campaigns and kick all lobbyists out of
 government. City,State, and Federal.
       When you hear these "Occupy" protestors
 demanding the things I have listed above, they
 may get some jobs and have a shot at the American
 dream. If they don't, they won't.

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Oct 17 2011 at 2:14pm
         Another view, but I hear no solutions... -

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: MickeyMac
Date Posted: Oct 17 2011 at 4:04pm
These folks went to the wrong place. They should have pickedet outside the White House.

Anybody else missing George Bush besides me?

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 21 2011 at 4:33pm

I hear Ya, but ...have you been to Washington or Capital Hill lately...
it might be easier to get in past TSA to protest on an airport runway.

They do not want protesters there, clouding the daily threats to National Security targeting Washington, ya know...
because everybody just loves our goobernment, so much.


Toad that vid is good... but here it is raw with out that distracting two chord music loop fighting for attention that somebody added 'cause... they thought it might be cool.
*lol* (Everybody with a freakin' computer's
a freakin' music overproducer these freakin' days!) *lol*

Here's the RAW Un-OverProduced Version... -
Link: (click!)

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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 27 2011 at 7:19pm
When a Peacefully Protesting Veteran American Soldier is the first to be seriously Injured by Oakland police...

Is this where a revolution begins, or escalates, or has real revolution already begun?


Very Interesting look at some US History here...">
USA - Bonus Army 1932 & USA - Occupy WS 2011
Very Interesting (click here) -


— 24 year old Iraq War Veteran Seriously Injured by Oakland Police —">

(Nightly News Video Story here)

After serving his country in two tours of duty,
an Iraq Veteran who was peacefully protesting
is put in critical condition...
...thanks to the Oakland Police.">



Oakland Police need to, at the very least, take some lessons from NYC Police!

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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 27 2011 at 8:41pm

— Veteran injured in Oakland "Occupy" protest awake... —
Occupy Oakland protester Scott Olsen,
a former US Marine and Iraq war veteran,
is carried away after being injured
during a demonstration in Oakland, California
October 25, 2011.
(Reuters News Story Here)


and... -
is reporting:">
"This is for Scott Olsen," said Sergeant Shamar Thomas, as he marched on Wednesday night in honour of his fellow Marine.

Both men are Iraq war veterans, but unlike Thomas, Olsen was lying in a California hospital bed - some 3,000 miles away from New York City. He'd suffered a fractured skull and a swelling brain after police shot "non-lethal" projectiles into an Oakland crowd the night before. Given the severity of his injuries, doctors induced a coma as a medical precaution.

"This is the most exhilarating thing I've ever been a part of in my life," Thomas added, leading the march throughout Lower Manhattan on Wednesday night. "It makes me proud to be an American. It makes me proud to be a veteran." ... ... continues...

"...some demonstrators confronted officers on issues of police brutality, communicating their concerns with varying degrees of polite interest and outright indignation.

When asked how he felt when he heard the news of Olsen's injuries, a rank-and-file officer - who did not provide his name - said, "It was heartbreaking." He stressed that police officers do not want to see people get hurt.

Michael Patterson - a 21 year-old Army veteran from Anchorage, Alaska - argued that the police's implicit countenance of an unjust system put them on the wrong side of an ongoing struggle. Patterson, who served in Iraq in 2008, said he faced a "moral conundrum" six months after he returned to the states.

"I started realising I hurt people. Not terrorists, not insurgents. People," he said.

"The saying I keep hearing is that police are just doing their jobs," Patterson said, "If you're doing a job but you're supporting a corrupt system, you're still doing the wrong f***ing thing." ... - (full Guardian story)

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Posted By: Jeff
Date Posted: Oct 28 2011 at 8:34am
Back on October 9 (a little farther up this page) I posted the following:
"The approaching chilly weather, combined with the ratcheted-up abuse
from the cops will soon end these demonstrations in all but the warmest U.S. cities."
A discouraging prediction, but apparently accurate. I saw this coming.
We're in an election year - remember that.
Mayors are under pressure to demonstrate they can "control their streets"
and keep the rabble down. What happened in Oakland is going to happen again.
Little has changed since Chicago in '68 ... when "The Whole World was Watching".
The youth of that generation are now the ones holding office.
Seems quite a few of these folks weren't watching very closely.


Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Oct 28 2011 at 4:18pm
       In all U.S. cities,large and small, the police
 departments of these cities are little quasi-military
 enforcers of local, and some state laws.
    Their budget comes from local taxes. They are usually
 supervised and controlled by the local politicians, like
 Mayors or County Supervisors.
      More often than not they make up their own rules
 of conduct and are defended by local lawyers and local
 Judges. Many times they get away with murder and
 other very nasty crimes. They enjoy much local
 political, union and judicial protection.
       The Occupy Wall Street protestors are finding out
 that what passes in NYC for police restraint and decent
 police intervention is not universal in other towns.
     In some communities they will get their ass beat,
 gassed and arrested as a general rule.
    The police and local laws vary a lot and there are no
 guarantees that your rights guaranteed in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights will be honored in
 some cities. More often than not, if you elect to
 join in a local..large crowd protest you will be mugged
 by the local cops in varied brutal ways.
      It's like eating strange new ethnic food,... you don't
 know if you are going to like it untill you take a taste.
  The difference is, you probably would like the new food
 adventure, but jumping into a protest in most U.S.
 cities won't set to well on your stomach or upside
 your head. The general rule is: Police are not to be
 trusted dealing with protestors. They, more often than
 not, will hurt you for no justified reason.. and get away
 with it.

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Oct 29 2011 at 1:34am
Jeff & Toad!

Excellent points!

Humans tend to do their best and most effective "swarming" in warmer weather.

With that in mind, I just watched this interesting video, about "having a two way conversation with the big banks" that aren't listening to their existing and potential customers... about taking some ethical responsibility for some of the wrongs that they might possibly have comitted against their fellow citizens and humans.

And in the mean time, this sort of "protest" during the cold weather might also help out our US Post Office to possibly save a few jobs over there, too. - (Click to watch)

*LoL*... the imagination runs wild with this...

Be Civil, Be Safe, Be Heard

Roofing shingles from your underwater about to be foreclosed house that's been denied for refinancing by the same bank... or

Enclose the 70+ pages of documents that you faxed 4 times 'cause they lost them again, shredded, along with the refinancing application that got denied anyway, even though they never "lost" a monthly payment that you've never missed sending... ever.

Or as one commenter suggested... "...enclose a hunk of sheet metal"

Ya gotta love it!

"Yo bank... Foreclose this!"

Too funny.


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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 01 2011 at 6:22pm
Wall Street...
Gambling Addiction Problem?

Oh wait...

Nah... it's just another Wall Street, Banker, Politician,
risking and losing hundreds of million$ of dollars
of other people's money...">

Corzine-led firm used client's money - NightlyNews - (click here)

p.s. When they fire Corzine... he automatically gets a $12.1 million dollar parachute???


How about hard labor & jail time & million$ in fines
for Corzine
for not learning any valuable lessons from 2008 about destroying economies...


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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 01 2011 at 7:01pm


Here's what is being discussed, ongoing.


Live Streams Ongoing:">_

Civil, peaceful discussion using the peoples mic in an unscripted expression of raw democracy.

My Comment:

I watched a few hours of the live - CSPAN streams today...

The House of Representatives in cushy, warm surroundings, in an empty hall with few paying attention, discussing stuff that honestly does not directly impact or improve the "world" of anyone that I actually know, personally, on this planet... each politician mostly throwing blame at each other, while nothing gets done or resolved... no solutions... no problem gets fixed.

And I also watched the - OWS Live Stream of what people are saying thru the peoples' mic...

In a form of Raw, Pure Democracy... often in the cold... and so what they are talking about? Well on many topics, what I am hearing are things that actually do affect the majority of the people's "worlds" that I actually do know, people that are suffering right now, just trying to stay afloat in 2011, to an enthuesed, active, participating audience.

What does this say?


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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 02 2011 at 7:40am
November 2, 2011—

OWS / - Occupy Oakland will be all over the news later today...">

Read full story here)

Hopefully, all will stay peaceful, resulting in a powerful, positive result of awareness.

Amazingly, peaceful protest, in various forms, can occasionally get things accomplished that would normally be impossible...">

... could it be?... are they starting to get some small part of the message that the average america citizen is fed up with being financially abused into the ground?

Let's hope.

Interestingly... writing letters to our "congress" to try to achieve the same, simple result would have probably taken five years.

What does that say about the working of the current political system of "representation"?

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Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 02 2011 at 8:23am
         And the ass-beating from police will escalate
 untill the "Guard" troops show up and shoot a few
 Like at Kent State. How long will it take?

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 02 2011 at 12:39pm

Transaction Tax On Financial Speculation Gets Boost From Occupy Wall Street

First Posted: 10/26/11 12:35 PM ET Updated: 10/26/11 12:49 PM ET - - Transaction Tax On Financial Speculation Gets Boost From Occupy Wall Street -(full story)
"igned to have little impact on pension funds that buy and hold securities for the long term or on individual investors who don't make hundreds or thousands of trades a day.

"This proposal will not only curb some risky trading activities, but will also raise greatly needed revenue in a way that does not negatively impact middle-class Americans," said Kate Cyrul, a spokeswoman for Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), who plans to introduce Senate legislation when the upper chamber, which is now in recess, returns.

The global reach of the OWS demonstrations is critical to passage of a U.S. tax on financial speculation, because banks argue that the extra cost would simply drive the risky trades from New York to an overseas exchange.... ... ... ..."


Occupy Wall Street's Message Gains Momentum In Congress
Posted: 11/2/11 03:15 PM ET - -Occupy Wall Street's Message Gains Momentum In Congress -(full storyhere)

"WASHINGTON -- Occupy Wall Street is finding a louder voice in Congress as lawmakers invoked its rhetoric repeatedly Wednesday in attempts to crack down on speculation, punish dangerous mine operators and pass a jobs bill.

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) acknowledged that the Occupy movement could help advance legislation they rolled out designed to "squeeze ... volatility out of the market."

Joined by Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa), the chairman of the Populist Caucus, Harkin and DeFazio introduced the Targeted Wall Street Trading Tax bill. It would levy a tax equivalent to three cents for every $100 on transactions like stock trades, credit swaps and derivatives that were largely blamed for the mortgage market meltdown and financial crisis of 2008 that plunged the economy into recession.

Harkin said the bill targets large-scale investors. "By setting the tax rate very low, the measure is not likely to impact the decision to engage in productive economic activity," he said at a press conference. But he said the amounts would add up for the big players, serving as both a check on reckless speculation and a deficit-cutting measure that could bring in hundreds of billions to help rebuild the country.

The tax, Harkin said, "is a matter of simple prudence, fairness, and fiscal sanity."

Further, DeFazio argued that economic recovery requires tamping down the most excessive activities on Wall Street. ... ... ..."

All of this going on live on C-SPAN as I type this...">

This day ended on the Senate floor with repeated " - qurourm roll calls " and stalls & delays... and then speech after speech by Republican Senators about...

this weekends' "university football matches" throughout the south.

   I kid you not.   

College Football... obviously waaay more important than jobs,
infrastructure or fixing ... anything
that is clearly ready to crumble and implode in the USA!


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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 02 2011 at 6:43pm



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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 04 2011 at 12:31pm
And in referemce to the posts above about Congress from November 2...

Thursday November 3, 2011
Men Not at Work
- Congressional Republicans believe that the only thing more important than focusing on jobs is sending Barack Obama a petty, unrelated message on official house stationery. (06:45)">
- Men Not at Work Nov 3, 2011 - (Click)

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Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 04 2011 at 2:20pm
        Most everybody is mad as hell about the economy
 and jobs but they can't locate the root cause of what
 is wrong with the "system."
       Something has slowly happened over the last
 40 years that people don't understand. "Our" economy
 is no longer the only economy for us to focus on.
    As "globalization" creeped into America's economy,
 the "System" we had in place for the boom-bust business cycles, caused by the manipulation of bank
 lending and interest rates CAN'T WORK ANYMORE.
          Now, people want the reccession fixed quickly
 but the fix is not coming at all-let alone fast. It's
 dragging on and on and on. There isn't multiple
 reasons for the delay....there is only ONE. The fault
 for our economic disaster and the reason It's not getting fixed falls at the feet of ONE single group.
                     THE BANKS
    Occupy Wall Street should learn who their only
 real enemy is before they go any further into their protests. If these protestors unite against their true
 enemy, maybe their voices will taken seriously.
    I will open up a new thread for more in-depth
 discussion about THE BANKS so we can get a good
 grip on what will be happening in our rocky future
 concerning our broken economy. The banks are the key.

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 05 2011 at 12:39am
Toad, very interesting!

And Toad, You are probably very correct about the BANKS!

Ok, I just watched this video.

Listen to this conversation... and the dynamic going on here.

In a way this conversation... while all over the place, really sums it up.

What a mess.

... But this is the conversation that really needs to take place... not just politicians that have it all figured out in advance for the good of "their party" agenda, only.

Wow... at times, these people are totally on opposite sides, and at times these people are actually very much in agreement... and it switches back and forth in nano-seconds.

And people on both sides of these complex intertwined issues...
with respect to the causes of, and solutions to, these problems
very passionate about what they believe, right or wrong. -    

IMHO... more compassionate "listening" needs to take place when opinions are voiced, on both sides,
but... this is a good start that needs to happen.

Can our crippled Congress of The Divided States of Americaca, learn anything here?

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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 05 2011 at 3:56am
Oh, and speaking of - Banks

Happy Bank Transfer Day!

"...Otherwise known as - you're charging me 22% credit card interest when I have a FICO score above 750 and no missed payments? Seriously?
Today has been declared bank transfer day. A nationwide consumer call to action to pull money from Too Big To Fail, derivative ridden, foreclosure fraud laden, fee crazed, bail out happy, offshore outsourcing our jobs, banks."

"Credit Unions are rejoicing and celebrating the event. From a Credit Union National Association, press release:

At least 650,000 consumers across the nation have joined credit unions in the past four weeks
This represents $4.5 billion in deposit transfers to credit unions. The online banks and smaller banks probably have similar amounts in transfers.... ... " - Happy Bank Transfer Day - (full story here)

Very interesting... pondering... "Can You Hear Me Now?"

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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 06 2011 at 11:23am

– It's Not That Complicated -- Thank You, Occupy Wall Street -

Posted: 11/5/11 06:24 PM ET
by Clarence B. Jones - -

"...Dee Ward Hock,
the founder of Visa, years ago,
"We are at the very point in time when a 400 year old age is dying and another is struggling to be born -- a shifting of culture, science, society, and institutions enormously greater than the world has ever experienced."

"Ahead, the possibility of the regeneration of the individuality, liberty, community,
and ethics
such as the world has never known"... "

"The OWS movement is being compared to the Civil Rights movement, the "answer to the Tea Party", etc. The Media and political pundits have tried to characterize those ... ... ..."

...the article continues:

"...Our politicians are little more than money launderers in the trafficking of power and policy -- fewer than six degrees of separation from the spirit and tactics of Tony Soprano."

"Why New York's Zuccotti Park is filled with people is no mystery. They are occupying Wall Street because Wall Street has occupied the country... "

"Did you see the sign a woman was carrying at a fraternal march in Iowa the other day? It read:"

"I can't afford to buy a politician
so I bought this sign."

..... this article, worth reading, continues here: - - - (click for full article)

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Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 06 2011 at 11:48am
          The way I look at OWS, it will fail if the rule
 of Constitutional law is not enforced to the letter.
    The courts and Judiciary in America have been corrupt for decades and act as though they are above the law of
 the land. They don't bother with Congress, and make up
 laws as they see fit at the time.
       I'm waiting to see or hear how they intend to
fix the Court problems and deal with corrupt Judges.
       This is the reason you don't see criminal bankers
 and politicians going to prison where they belong.
     They throw the most overt criminal[Maydoff] in
 prison,as a sacrifice and let the others off the hook.
  This is corruption at it's worse.

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 06 2011 at 3:04pm
Yes Toad, exactly.

I wanted to post this reference quote here also...
I think it's relative to what is going on everywhere... there is history, that all of us as Musicians, Music Creators, Artists...
ever dealing with a Major Label Record Company,
will easily relate to...

from the - SoulfulPlanet - Music Business Thread from Ray Monette's post:

In light of what is going on right now as we head to 2012...
This is so worth re-reading from Ray's first post at the top of the Music Business Thread!!!

from Simon Napier-Bell Sunday January 20, 2008 Observer Music Monthly - The life and crimes of the music biz

"...Artists had to pay their own recording costs yet companies ended up owning the records. 'The bank still owns the house after the mortgage is paid,' is how Senator Orrin Hatch described it. Could we imagine film stars having to pay the costs of the movies they starred in and then giving the rights to the company that distributed it?

Artists also had to pay a packaging deduction of around 15 per cent. This, despite the fact that packaging rarely cost more than 5 per cent. The remaining 10 per cent was enough to pay the record company's entire cost of manufacturing the record. All in all, it meant an artist who sold 200,000 copies of a first album would still owe the record company although the record company had made a profit of a million.

But the worst thing about being signed to a major was that you lost the freedom to run your life. And though top artists could sometimes re-negotiate an unfair contract, it soon became clear that in the music business you didn't get out of an unfair record contract to get into a fair one; you get out of an unfair contract to get into another unfair one, but with slightly better terms. ... ..."


... does this sound a bit familiar as to what is happening right now with ... everything?

Amazing greed!
Occupy Freakin' Everything!

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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 08 2011 at 6:01am

The real deal is right here... right from the CBO,
clearly showning exactly what is going on
with the Distribution of Wealth
and Household Income in America
as a result of current tax laws.

I think even the CBO was surprised to see these results that
back up the cries of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. -">
(Full CBO GOV Report Document Oct 2011 pdf - (Click Here)


The top 1% are really having a field day.
The top 19% are having a nice day.
The remaining 80% are hanging on by their fingernails
to the rim of the porcelain toilet bowl as the water spirals and swirls.

Congress needs to fix this... yesterday!


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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 12 2011 at 2:45am
And so how does one part of the
Major Label "Stolen Samples Music" Industry
help The Wall street Movement?

Not very well.

"...A company spokesperson tells Business Insider that there are no plans to donate any of the shirts' proceeds to Occupy Wall Street.

According to the spokesperson, the shirts will "support" the movement by raising awareness of it. ... "


Wow, how very kind of them!">_ -read full story here


My Comment on this:

I mean seriously!

Many in the Major Label Industry Camp have no problem ripping off and/or flat out stealing other's musical works, intellectual property rights, thoughts, concepts and ideas, sampled for commercial use in their own 'product for sale'. They make little effort to actually fully credit or compensate the original true authors of the ideas, performers, artists, authors & publihers with any form of payment or royalties owed.

Hiding behind a floor of lawyers protecting their greed and theft of other people's work, is not a good example of GOOD ETHICS.

They should go out of their way to do the ETHICAL, FAIR THING, especially, more than ever... right now.

Jay-Z and company, seriously, it is time to set an example of a change for the better... for ALL people.
Do the right thing here, do the ETHICAL thing.
Step away from the greed.


For - reference purposes , only.

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Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 12 2011 at 9:37am
          I think the "occupy" folks all have a axe to grind
 and want to be heard, but they are fractured just as
 bad or worse than our current Congress. They can't
 get together on ANY issue.
        They show up in all shapes, sizes & colors.
 Varied ages too. Most all of them are pissed.
  Well, who isn't pissed now days??????
      All the dope,drugs, and alcohol isn't helping
 their situations, so gathering in the streets banging
 drums in a tribal display is gonna work????
         I had a time in my life where I was severly
 injured with a disk blew up in my back that felt
 like a rusty sword was shoved down the bones of
 my left leg, all the way to the heel of my foot. My
 wife was in a extended-care hospital type facility
 and could not care for herself at all.
     I was totally unable to work,couldn't drive or move around, had less than 200 bucks to my name..and
 a mailbox full of bills. I was forced to act if I wanted
 to survive. Step by step I got what I needed. It
 wasn't was brutal. I got it done in spite of
 all the issues I faced.
         If the "Occupy" folks think they are gonna get
 help hanging out in the street, I got news for them.
  They aren't gonna get shit...  NOTHING.
 They may get clubbed,maced,shot or OD, but they
 won't get any help.
     Get out of the street,clean your ass up, and go to
 work. There is work if you WANT to work. They would
 find work if they LOOKED for work.
     I feel no pity for these street people. Like the old
 Rolling Stones tune...."You may not always get what you want, but you will get what you need."
      I found out a long time ago that if you want to
 make it, you gotta make it happen. It's personal.
     If these folks have the desire to stand in the streets
 and scream at a building...good luck with that plan.
  It ain't gonna feed you,pay your bills, or put a roof
 over your head.
       Are they gonna fix Wall Street?  Maybe?

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 12 2011 at 8:38pm
UPDATE on the JAY-Z - T-Shirt OWS Slogan RipOff Story...">

(read full story - - click here)

I guess the flood of bad publicity helped him get the point,
or was it a moment of awakening and reflection about "ethics".

I hope, the latter.


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Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 12 2011 at 9:18pm

As I said weeks ago...

...a little soul searching and honest ethics can go a long way!

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Posted By: Jeff
Date Posted: Nov 14 2011 at 10:22am
The protests in Oakland are about to explode again. Stay tuned
for more maceing, pepper spraying, skull clubbing, tazering,
and loads of injuries.


Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 15 2011 at 6:38am

- Police Clear Zuccotti Park of Protesters - - - Police Clear Zuccotti Park of Protesters - (Full story here)
November 15, 2011">__

full NYT story click here

'...The massive operation in and around Zuccotti Park was intended to empty the birthplace of a protest movement that has inspired hundreds of tent cities from coast to coast. ..."

"... The police move came as organizers put out word on their Web site that they planned to “shut down Wall Street” with a demonstration on Thursday to commemorate the completion of two months of the beginning of the encampment, which has spurred similar demonstrations across the country. ..."
   - - - Police Clear Zuccotti Park of Protesters - (Full story continues here)

at the very same time... this story is also in the News...">__
CNN-Story & Video, Here .

Some Bailout...

$100 million payday...


"... Rep. Spencer Bachus, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, has scheduled a vote in his committee Tuesday on his own legislation that would suspend the compensation packages of top executives at the firms. ..."

"The fact that the top executives of these failed companies are receiving multi-million dollar pay packages, plus millions more in bonuses, is an added insult to the taxpayers who are forced to foot the bill," Bachus said in a statement announcing plans to hold the vote..."

Note: also read the COMMENTS at the bottom of this story... Wow!


Is there any wonder why fed up people of this country are willing to sleep in tents on the street in protest risking arrest to voice their massive frustration?


And here's what OWS has to say, right now...



Here's what is being discussed, ongoing.


Live Streams Ongoing: - _


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Posted By: dream207
Date Posted: Nov 15 2011 at 8:25am
I must say you are our resident historian in real time.  I may not always comment, but I do appreciate all the articles, videos and links you post for us in all these threads.  We'll always have them to look back on to remind us of history being made while we've been members of the forum.  I thank you for that.  KUDOS!!ClapThumbs%20UpHug


Posted By: M I X E Y
Date Posted: Nov 17 2011 at 9:19pm

I'm REALLY confused by your post saying that these people need to clean up and find a job. You're a guy who's very educated that we have major issues in this country that are not being changed by the people we have elected.

Of course there are some people who are on the fringes in any group... but I feel that the only way there will be change at the highest level, is for the highest level to get real about what happens when people are mistreated and their basic needs are messed with. If it takes a million people to show how unfair things are... then yes... set up tents... holler at buildings... and keep showing the brutality that occurs when freedom of speech rights are violated.

The cops in NY threw away thousands of books that were being provided for the protesters to read about history, and freedom of speech issues. If that's not a clear sign of what's wrong... nothing is!! Getting rid of the books said it all.

I feel that this movement will grow larger and larger as time goes on... and changes will HAVE to be made.

Remember... FDR sent in the National Guard, who pointed their weapons at POLICE... NOT the protesters.

I'm in agreement with this movement.


Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 17 2011 at 10:08pm
          Every protest like this one gets hyjacked at
 some point. The legit people, with legit issues must
 deal with the anarchists,the commies,the unions,
 the criminals, the dopers and the homeless...all of
 whom give the protest a bad look to the rest of America
 who watch the skewed news. The news always focus
 on the crazies and not the issues. It's what happened
 in 1968, and it's happening NOW.
      In my opinion, the outcome will bring more oppression to those who can least afford it. The
 government will spring up some "enemy lists" like
 Nixon did, people will be demonized,harrassed,jailed,
 and so on. The State National Guard in some locals
 could even start shooting people like at Kent State.
     All the radicals and vandals will cause all the decent
 protestors to suffer and be humiliated. It will peak
 with everybody involved being subjected to some
 government/police clusterfuck of submission.. and what
 will be referred to as "law and order."
      Now if this sounds pessimistic or fatalistic my view
 comes from seeing what went on in 68 and remembering all that crap.The anti-war protests were
 hyjacked by commies and radicals. Their hyjack of the
 protests got us Nixon for another 4 years and no end to the war.
        I vented about these people getting a job because
 I have seen many of them speaking on TV saying they
 expect the government to bail them out of their debts.
 That will never happen. If they want bailed out, they better get to work.
         If any of these true protesters expect to be taken
 seriously, they better start kicking these vandals and
 trouble makers in the ass and get them away from
 their protest. These folks won't accept any "leaders"
 or spokesmen, so they will be forced to submit to
 Mayor's good squads of police. The mayors will assume
 the role of "leadership"...the hard way.
      I wish I could foresee a more positive outlook for
 this movement, but I don't have that much faith in
 my government, or any police departments.

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: M I X E Y
Date Posted: Nov 18 2011 at 2:23am
I don't know what news you're watching Toad.

I've been watching Rachel Maddow. She does an exceptional job of comparing history with what's going on today. I don't see any coverage that's as good as hers, and as well researched. She has an exceptional team. It seems like the other reporters miss what's really going on and focus on the fringe.

I highly recommend her show.


Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 18 2011 at 7:41am
        I watch MSNBC in the morning and up untill
 6:00 o'clock every day. I watch FOX from 6 to 8 to
 hear their side of the issues. I try to stay away from
 the "opinion" people on both networks that occupy
 the prime time slots.
      Maddow has made some good points in her opinion
 pieces like all the others in their prime time shows.
    The part of her message that stops me cold is her
 view that we must spend our way out of this depression...Like 15 trillion isn't enough debt.
     I would think by the fact that she is a woman, in
 a group of mainly male voices, that she would be a
 voice that would be screaming like hell about ending
 all of our un-declared wars. A compassionate,emotional
 voice that should be coming from a woman. A plea
 to end the wars would stand alone against her own
 President and political party. She won't take that stand for whatever reason.
    Doing a hour-long show everyday you can't help but
 speak some truth every once and a while. The jerk
 Glen Beck even did that when it would make him look
 creditable. Iv'e heard both of these networks give
 their spin on the OWS marches, but the main focus
 on their "news only" programs has focused on the
 cops busting heads all over the country.
       The farmers in Iowa, or the Auto workers in Detroit
 and Tenn. turn on their 3 network TV shows and see
 these marchers getting their ass beat, and thats all
 they see. It was the same "blood lead" story in 68'
 and It's the same now in 2011. The major media
 networks will never cover the actual message of the
 protests. Morals and ethics are not their business.
  The major media's story, is the same old major
 media story.... "If it bleeds,it leads."

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 18 2011 at 8:18am
Well speak of the two!

Click to watch this interesting comparison of the news coverage
of the same OWS Movement's events,
and what's most important to cover
for each network...">
(Click To Watch)

Topless... Sod???        Wow.. ...amazing.

-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 18 2011 at 9:24am
          I try very hard to be objective about these
 protests and not use network talking points to describe
 my personal opinions of them.
      The initial tea party protests were hyjacked quickly
 by the FOX crew. The initial OWS protests were hyjacked by the MSNBC crew as a sort of Anti-Tea party
 movement. Both demonizing the other on political
 grounds, and NOT focusing on the over-all message of
 both protests.
          I see the truth of both protests being that the
 Public is fed up with the government,[by BOTH parties]
  being operated by corperate special interests that
 feed on the labor,blood,sweat and tears of the majority
 of American citizens. The merger of corperate interests
 with government control in a autocratic,militaristic
 mode of operation is a fairly complete definition of
 a Fascist State. Our Government won't admit to it, and the people don't want to believe it, but how else can
 you describe what is happening to this country??????
     Screw the politics, and look at the facts.
  Is the military,along with the major,FED Wall street
 bankers sending all the American's money out of our
 country to finance their personal,greedy games????
   Must we nation build? Police the world? Bail out Europe? Make China a super power?
       The Tea party and the OWS people better understand why they have no money, and where their
 money has gone. They better fiqure out why
 their social safety nets are disappearing and who
 stole them to pay off bad bets.
      All this political finger pointing is total bullshit
 and wasted energy. A complete distraction as to what
 and who is responsible for the slow but steady destruction of our nation.
       With the rule of law contained in our Constitution
 being stomped into ashes by our corrupt courts, we
 are in a serious state of affairs. The only question
 for the protests and the rest of the people is how
 long can this injustice go on?

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 19 2011 at 7:46am
I hear Ya, Toad!!!

" ...Screw the politics, and look at the facts.
Is the military,along with the major,FED Wall street
bankers sending all the American's money out of our
country to finance their personal,greedy games????
   Must we nation build? Police the world? Bail out Europe? Make China a super power?
       The Tea party and the OWS people better understand why they have no money, and where their
money has gone. ... ..."


And speaking of $$$ MONEY $$$

Let's not forget that
Big Bank Lobby PAC Money
and flat out Political

(click to watch this!)

just a thought...
how much could that same amount of BRIBE money help Americans Families to NOT lose their homes,
instead they thought to use the"money" in that sort way.

Fat chance in the
"Super Greed is Good" Big Bankster Game & Bribe Everything World.

Pass the barf bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean really...
I'm starting to wonder...

"Angered Populism"

Do these Banksters actually
want a full blown, mass population
angry overthrow style Revolution?

... It just seems to make no sense in what The Banksters keep doing,
as if in a drunken greed money stupor,
while taunting the fed-up, angry masses outside the mansion walls,
becoming more and more ready to break out the pitch forks, torches, and start hollering
"off with their heads"
dragging around a few of these...">_

— WTF —


Oh Banksters...
... ummm, just for reference purposes only,
Ya might want to look out the window...">

— —

Minor Details:

November 17: Historic Day of Action for the 99%
Posted Nov. 18, 2011, 1:11 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Day of Action:

— Over 30,000 People Rally in New York City (NYPD estimated 32,500), including organized contingents of workers, students, and other members of “the 99%”.
Actions in at least 30 cities across the country and around the world
Commemoration of 2-Months Since Birth of the 99% Movement, Festival of Lights on Brooklyn Bridge.
Blockade of all Entry-Points to NYSE; hundreds participate in nonviolence civil disobedience
Sense that a powerful and diverse civic movement for social justice is on the ascent..." -

p.s. Banksters, have a nice weekend...
and Ya might wanna do a little personal reflection...
Welcome to what your lack of ETHICS has done to America.

Streaming Live Right Now...">__


-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 19 2011 at 8:59am
           The above article and video confirms what
 I stated in my last post. The media, and every talking
 head puts the spin on these movements as being all
 about the political parties and not the financial
 manipulation to extract all of our money into corperate hands to be distributed into their games that spread
 all over the globe. Euro bailouts,Mid-East regime change,IMF loan sharks,World bank loan sharks,etc. etc.
      The only thing that is tied to the political parties
 and the politicians in general is WHO WILL GET BOUGHT OFF & WHO WON'T.
      It's obvious the banking elite really don't care
 which political party is in office. They DO care about
 who will take their bribes.
        A very large segment of the Tea Party & the OWS
 people will fall head first into this Republican/VS/
 Democrat swamp and pitch their tents in that swamp.
     That swamp will suck them in deeper & deeper
 untill their heads disappear under the goop.
       All this party motivated crap will prove just how
 easy the bankers can undermine any attempt at
 stopping their games and they will use the media
 to insure the Dems/VS/Reps message is sold lock,
 stock and barrel to the public.
     Is it being cynical to say these protests were
 doomed before they really got started?
    The bankers have a plan in place to deal with
 protests and opposition. Too bad the protesters
 aren't blessed with a solid plan. If they were, this
 might be a fair fight.

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: M I X E Y
Date Posted: Nov 19 2011 at 3:21pm
I agree with you Toad regarding opinion related reporting. I too edit that stuff out in my head, while I'm watching what journalists have to offer. I look at the research and edit out the spin.

What I like about Maddow, is that there's enough attention to the research end of it, for me to do that. I can come to my own conclusions from her show.

I know you're into this feminine masculine business regarding her. I don't care if she's got a snap on rocket launcher in her pants and thinks we should blow up the world. I appreciate her reporting a view of the movement here that no other show is doing.

We can agree to disagree on the outcome of this movement Toad. I feel it's the only way we're going to affect a change in this country. Yes... there will be blood... and the movement will grow much larger. People don't need "a leader" to run this thing. We're all standing up for our rights. All is one. The focus is just that... the rights of ALL AMERICANS. Our lives have been hijacked by greed. Speak out in mass. I agree with that.

Geno... you're better at it than Rachel.      THANK YOU!


Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 21 2011 at 7:15am
Related to thoughts that I just posted over in the - SP/Town Hall - "Debt Ceiling Debate thread" ...

As our 'government' continues to
the people of America...

Please note the following:

Beginning to show
in Amreica,
are more and more signs
of ...

'Do You Know Where Your Pitchfork Is?'


- - Occupy K Street in DC -

(((Note: We get the point, but, illegally breaking into a property is just as wrong as illegally taking someone's property away...
two wrongs do not make a right.)))


as our disfunctional 'government'
continues to
fail the people of America...
pushing them to do that
which they would not normally do...

Ummm... would anyone care to ponder what Spring 2012 might look like?


-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 21 2011 at 9:59am
       Regarding Maddow, I have a personal opinion
 about gays that differ from most others on THAT subject, however her stand on some issues can be
 100% correct on some, and 100% wrong on others.
    Glen Beck shares this same "problem."
   Both Maddow & Beck have a strong delivery to make
 their case on a subject. They both have staffs that dig
 into the 'behind the scenes' dirty dealings connected
 to these political issues. They effectively use their
 show's pulpit,[soap box] to bring home their message.
[or spin].  In one sence they educate us a lot about the
 'hidden from view' political crap that we otherwise
 would never-ever know about.
     Many of the viewers are left with the feeling that
 Beck or Maddow know the whole story and can be
 trusted to speak the truth. A majority of their viewers
 can't seperate truth from spin.
     Beck and Maddow don't give you a option,or present
 both sides equally. They sell you their side. Thats
 their job...right or wrong.
      Because they both take this "one side rules"
 approach, they both take they should.
        The people are pushed to take sides.
 Us/versus/them....Dem/versus/Rep...Yadda Yadda Yadda.  They make this shit political,even when it's not.
        It's right /versus/ wrong.  Always has been.

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: Jeff
Date Posted: Nov 21 2011 at 2:53pm
Well, you have to admit Toad, it's been a damned effective strategy...
... this sleight of hand the powers-that-be employ.
Every moment they (and their owned broadcast companies) frame a news story,
debate, or headline as a "Republicans vs. Democrats" thing, they
re-direct voter anger and distrust from being focused on them,
back onto other voters.
(As if other voters wrote these insane laws, started these wars, and
bailed out all the banks...)
But this tactic works. It plays on voters' fears... it provides voters with
an easy target - their neighbors. And we begin to distrust and disdain
our fellow Americans... making the other guy the enemy!..
... when we should really be remembering that our politicians made this mess.
And we should be holding THEM accountable.


Posted By: M I X E Y
Date Posted: Nov 21 2011 at 6:50pm
I don't think you can honestly make a valid point by saying Rachel Maddow is the political flip side of Glen Beck, Toad.

Glen Beck doesn't care if he's stating facts or not.


Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 21 2011 at 8:35pm
       They both put a political bias on their "facts."
  And they both have devoted fans who hold them in
 high regard. The "Facts" are something to learn from,
 but the bias turns me clean off from both of them.
         If I ever could find a news/show/pundant
 that could present the facts and then let you decide
 the truth from the crap I might think there was hope
 for TV news. Don't look like I will see that anytime
 soon..if ever.
     The main problem I have with Maddow,Beck, and
 the others is this: They give you facts and information
 you can use, but they fail to give you ALL the facts,
 and withold some of the information THEY choose to
 withold. It's kinda like the Zip,Ban,Delete policy
 that you abhor so much. If their staffs need a little help
 finding new facts to check out, have them join up
 here and start reading some of our threads in the
 Planet town hall. I would be thrilled to see them
 dispute some of my charges and rants. Fun stuff !Big%20smile

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: M I X E Y
Date Posted: Nov 22 2011 at 9:02pm
Not true About Maddow, Toad.

She's the least zip ban delete journalist out there.

She's the one who will have all sides and viewpoints showcased and invited onto her show. She lets people talk openly, even if they don't agree with her.

Yes... she has her own opinions. It's a style of reporting I can do without; but in the times we live in, the opinionless reporter doesn't seem to exist. Of all of them however, she reports more sides than anyone else... and she's the one who is most agreement with you, by the way.

I think you're having more problem with her, because she's a lesbian, than anything else. You're so insightful and spot on in your assessment of other people. With her, you seem to have a blind spot. She's not even in the same universe as Glen Beck in terms of being fair and balanced. She shows sides of issues that nobody out there is doing. Glen Beck is a sensationalistic repeater, with fans who are happy to repeat the stupidity. Rachel has fans too, which obviously are helping her show stay on the air; but the focus of her show, is to really report on what's going on in the world... not just gain followers

Try and be a little more open minded about her.


Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 23 2011 at 9:22am
          The fact that Maddow is a lesbian has no
 bearing on my opinion of her politics... maybe just
 one tiny little segment. [I'll explain,later]
      The dirty little zip,ban,delete secret that NONE of
 these pundants,including Maddow won't get near....
 with a ten foot pole is right in your face.
    The place has a "store front" home,right in downtown
 Manhattan NYC... Like a Mafia social club..all lit up..
 with lights,an address plaque, and probably a doorman.
   The place has a "sister" location in Downtown Washington D.C. too.
     Now maybe Maddow and all the other media talking
 heads could take a little time to explain to me, and
 all other Americans why their investigative staffs and
  any other reliable "sources" totally hide this social
        If this social club was housing members that
 nobody ever heard of, Maddow and the others might have a reason to ignore it. NOT THE CASE with this
 social club.
                  Maddow's news network MSNBC continues
 to interview the President of this social club when they
 feel the need to hear his input on very serious news
         I would think that all the media pundants,
 including Maddow would be hanging out if front of
 this location AT ALL TIMES when you concider who
 the membership is made up from. But no. They
 stay away from the place.
         The members of this social club MAKE the news.
   Their members are why there is a Occupy Wall Street
 movement. Their members are why there is a Tea Party.
  Their members occupy a large segment of our Congress. Their members occupy the boardrooms of
 America's largest corperations. They should be the
 main topic,every day, of every news outlet in the
 country. But no. The media hides them..even though
 they are in plain sight.
      The ONLY story that Maddow and all the other
 media pundants like Beck,Ed,O'Reilly,Matthews,Rush,
 etc.etc. is right at the door of this Mafia style social
 club...and the door is wide open for them.
        The "club" is The Council on Foreign Relations.
      This "joint" is the best kept secret in the histroy
 of print and TV media next to the Federal Reserve.
      If Americans want to fully understand what is
 wrong with things in our nation, they could insist that
 media "investigators" walk in the front door of these
 two social clubs [NYC & D.C.] and start asking questions.
                I don't think I have a Maddow/lesbian blind
 spot. I think Maddow has a CFR/Mafia social club blind spot. Maddow is not alone. All the media pundants
 share this "blind spot." When they take the blinders
 off, we might get some fucking REAL news.

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: s. p. a. t.
Date Posted: Nov 24 2011 at 3:22am
I'm listening Toad.

I need some links to the CFR so I can read some more.

Show me the media connection.



S. P. A. T.

Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 24 2011 at 7:16am
          Membership list [2006]  There may be a few
 names you can relate to. -
 Members in the Clinton Administration: -
   Worth reading: -
 In the run-up to the 2008 election, I listed CFR members that were part of Obama's proposed
 administration... including his Wife Michelle. He
has not admitted being a member,nor has the
 First Lady. When Obama was elected he had
 107 CFR members in his initial administration.
     I don't want or need to be biased about
 Democratic members only, as Bush 43's
 administration was totally comprized of CFR members
 as was his Dad's administration.
    Here we have a video showing Obama seeming
 to be unsure if he is a CFR member, when at the time,
 his wife was a chairperson on the Council. Her name
 has been removed from their roster for obvious reasons
 since she has become the First Lady. -
    Is Obama CFR ?  Newt Gingrich has exploded in
 the polls and is now one of the "top tier" canidates
 according to the CFR media mouths. It's no wonder
 as he is CFR all the way. -
   Do the CFR control the election process or hand
 pick our canidates through the media?
    Who exactly is running Obama's foreign policy
 actions? -
   Any CFR people hanging around from Bush 43's
    You would think the media folks would spend a
 little time investigating the little CFR think tank.
  Maybe the CFR hasn't done enough shitty deeds
 to occupy any of the media's attention. I dunno. -

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Nov 25 2011 at 7:39pm
          If all of this CFR information bums you out,
  you can always get down with the Detroit Kids....Big%20smile -

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 26 2011 at 12:10pm
Also from the Department of W T F

In some related, really screwed up stuff relating directly
to our elite "elected officials"...

I watched this one the other night,
keeping an open mind as to what
might be really going on here.


Can you say WTF... in a major way???

... Bohemian Grove's "dull care"???
(a symbolic, human child sacrifice?)


An opposing, critical view of this flick,
(which actually sheds even more info about all of this elite twisted-ness), is here, which says:

––••–– - - "dull care"???

"...This is not some conspiracy theorist's wild imaginings. Guests have included the likes of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Kissinger, George Shultz, Helmut Kohl, Colin Powell. The list goes on. Not only such well-known figures but a long list of power players in industries from petrochemical and media to defense. Celebrities are involved. Harry Shearer and Steve Miller, of all people, are members. So are Mickey Hart and Bob Weir, formerly of the Grateful Dead."

"But what do they do? Given the highly secretive nature of the proceedings, a lot of what goes down is fairly well-known. (Tellingly, the Patron Saint of the Club is John of Nepomuk, who was martyred by the King of Bohemia for refusing to divulge secrets the Queen revealed to him at confessional; one of his attributes is an angel holding its finger over its lips in the universal gesture of silence and at least one of the BG camps is adorned with this very image). It would appear that revelry and heavy drinking are involved, male bonding, pissing in the woods, etc. ... "



-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: M I X E Y
Date Posted: Nov 26 2011 at 2:55pm
OK guys... These links will keep me busy for awhile. Be back to you soon. Right now, I'm "having fun" with a U Haul.

Thanks for the break later on tonight.


Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 29 2011 at 9:03am
*LoL* Yup... "Links ฎ Us"

from the

"Department of Everything is Just Fine...
Move Along Now...
Nothing To See Over Here!"

we get this in the "news"...

(((Poster now circulating the... "Webazoidz"(a new word - ฉฎGLMix *lol*) )))

and right from the source..."> (click here)

So like, what's the political "news" agenda
going on here in the US with Time Mag?

It's almost comical.

Cover story ...

Revolution Is Everywhere,
oh, except in the US,
"aniexity is good for you".

More Kool Aid, Anyone?

Mac Miller- Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza

Happy "Webazioding the Webaziodz"(ฉฎimprimatur GLMix *LoL*)

-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 29 2011 at 11:08am

— What America’s Hazare movement has accomplished —
The Dollar Note | by Eric Schurenberg - (full article click here)

"...The movement’s “We are the 99%” chant is now at least as well known as any presidential candidate’s campaign slogans.
What, exactly, are the occupiers protesting against? Frankly, it can be hard to tell. The Adbusters website describes OWS as a “leaderless people-powered movement” that “vows to end the monied corruption of our democracy” (occupiers take “leaderless” so literally that Occupy Denver members elected a border collie as their leader). When asked by poll-takers, occupiers volunteer demands ranging from tighter bank regulations and higher taxes on the wealthy to a national healthcare, forgiveness for student loans and an end to capitalism. A fifth said they didn’t know what they wanted.

The emotion that OWS has tapped, however, is clear. Over 2,000 handwritten posts scanned onto a blog called, We Are the 99 Percent, captures a sense of helplessness and injustice among many Americans, fuelled by an unemployment rate that refuses to budge below 9%. Among the posts:

• “I have a bachelor’s degree in communication (writes a 26-year-old college graduate) but I have not found a professional job in the four years since I graduated. I owe at least $20,000 in student loans.”

• “Husband is a master carpenter who has had no work for three years. I need new glasses and my teeth are breaking off. My husband hurts all the time.”

• “I pay 30% in taxes so that too-big-to-fail banks can be rescued from their own self-inflicted failure, while I… have to choose between paying for health insurance and my mortgage.”

Thanks in part to that blog, OWS’ public image finally began to coalesce around a single idea: Far too much of the national income is going to the richest 1% of Americans and too little to the remaining 99%. Indeed this is more than just a slogan: According to a government study published just as the OWS movement was gaining traction, Americans in the top 1% of household incomes saw their incomes grow seven times as fast as the bottom 80% since 1979. Over the same period, the top 1% more than doubled their share of national income to 17%.

In other words, the movement at last had a cause that mainstream Americans could support. President Barack Obama and Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke have both expressed sympathy and Paul Krugman, the Nobel laureate who has become the Left’s most prominent economist, took the income inequality data even further in a late November column called, “We are the 99.9%.”

“We are the 99% is a great slogan. If anything, however, (it) aims too low. A large fraction of the top 1% gains have actually gone to an even smaller group, the top 0.1%—the richest one-thousandth of the population… (according to an earlier study that ended in 2005), between 1979 and 2005 the inflation-adjusted, after-tax income of Americans in the middle of the income distribution rose 21%.
The equivalent number for the richest 0.1% rose 400%. ... ... " - (Full Story continues here)

With respect to a leveled playing field...
What part of a "400% rise in income for the very richest",
while many of the rest of Americas' People
struggle and drown,
do our politicians not understand?


Is more of this needed?
Is this what politicians will respond to?">__
Occupy the Capitol: The Next Stage in the Occupy Movement
(Full Seattle Pi Story With This Pic, Click Here)

And for the Latest Updates right from... - (click here)

-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: Jeff
Date Posted: Nov 29 2011 at 1:11pm
All voices in the wind, I'm afraid.
"Meet the new boss ... same as the old boss!"
                                                 - PeteTownshend


Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Nov 29 2011 at 1:17pm

Very interesting.
A few thoughts and ideas
actually worth thinking about...

— Direct Democracy —

-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Dec 01 2011 at 1:35am
The American People
Are ON Congress' Doorstep,
Will Many in Congress
Start To Listen...">

"Jesse LaGreca,
Occupy Wall Street Protester, an activist,
and a freelance journalist
who goes by the name Ministry of Truth,
look at where the 99% movement stands."
- Great interview with Jesse LaGreca - Ministry of Truth,
Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:17 PM EST
on"> (Guest Listing) - (Excellent Jesse LaGreca Interview - Watch Video Here)

Why are most of our "elected official representatives" not voicing what this man is so clearly saying in the above video?

and... - (Jesse LaGreca Thanksgiving Interview - Watch Here)

(also see Jesse LaGreca at OWS (Fox Unreleased Video) from page 1 of this thread - (click here)


More on peaceful protests and pepper spray, here: - Pepper Spray ... Bill O' says - 'it's just a food product, right?'

And ya wanna know how the "Hedge Fund Industry"
has been fleecing America
from someone who works at one?
See next post... Amazing & sad info!

-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Dec 01 2011 at 5:00am

Eye opening info, from someone who works there!


"The finance industry is a complete scam,
designed to funnel money from the 99% investing public
into the hands of the top .1%.
Sure, some of you will make good money, but stastically, the rest of us will lose, and who is feeding off us?
Hedge funds, and the .1%.
You have better odds going to a casino and playing slots,
the worst-paying game in the house,
but still better than the stock market. ... ... "

Keep reading!"> __
continued... read full article (click here)

and be sure to read the comments!

-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Dec 14 2011 at 11:39am
AS I posted this in the ขข Jobs $$ Thread...


Look what the greedy banksters and corrupt politicians
have done to what's left of our country.,32068,1288182424001_2099978,00.html">

-,32068,1288182424001_2099978,00.html -

As a country, we capable of far better than this!
As we're left only to the job of struggling to survive paycheck to paycheck if we're really lucky, watching our America... 'going down the drain'.


-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Dec 26 2011 at 10:00am
By all means...

just read this one... -
A Christmas Message From America's Rich - RollingStone (full atricle)
POSTED: December 22, 9:05 AM ET

"... What makes people furious is that they have stopped being citizens."

"Most of us 99-percenters couldn’t even let our dogs leave a dump on the sidewalk without feeling ashamed before our neighbors. It's called having a conscience: even though there are plenty of things most of us could get away with doing, we just don’t do them, because, well, we live here. Most of us wouldn’t take a million dollars to swindle the local school system, or put our next door neighbors out on the street with a robosigned foreclosure, or steal the life’s savings of some old pensioner down the block by selling him a bunch of worthless securities."

"But our Too-Big-To-Fail banks unhesitatingly take billions in bailout money and then turn right around and finance the export of jobs to new locations in China and India. They defraud the pension funds of state workers into buying billions of their crap mortgage assets. They take zero-interest loans from the state and then lend that same money back to us at interest. Or, like Chase, they bribe the politicians serving countries and states and cities and even school boards to take on crippling debt deals. ... ..."

A Christmas Message From America's Rich - Rolling Stone (full atricle)



-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: Jeff
Date Posted: Dec 27 2011 at 8:46am
Not much point in railing against the injustice.
You'll only tire out your vocal cords. Or typing fingers.
Calling attention to it all is an exercise in futility.
The powers-that-be aren't interested in helping everybody.
If that were their priority things would be very different.
The only way anyone can affect real change, or make an impact
is on the local level. People in a community can help their own neighbors...
providing food, shelter, and assistance in any number of ways.
No solutions will be found politically.
Our Senators and Congressmen have demonstrated they're less capable
of working together and reaching consensus than a class of third graders.
It's down to people helping the people in their own neighborhood... their own town.
People must begin to save themselves, and stop looking to government for solutions,
because government is not in the business of providing solutions.


Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Jan 28 2012 at 7:35pm
Jeff... what You said above nails it...
"...People must begin to save themselves, and stop looking to government for solutions, because government is not in the business of providing solutions."

This is interesting... in 5 hours time on FB... quite a few "likes" and "shares" ...">

from - FB - TheOther98

When you think about it... to the corporate super rich at the top, there is no benefit (for them) to pay any tax whatsoever... they would rather use that same money to buy the government outcome(s) that do only benefit them.

Seriously... this "Lobby" crap needs to end.

Or how about a new rule...

You are allowed to spend up to 1% of the taxes that you paid for the year on "Lobby" influence.

try that one on... let's see how it fits...!

-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Aug 20 2013 at 10:24am
ClapToo funny!  Look what this guy did to get even with the Banksters!


Guy does to bank what banks usually do to other people


The idea of beating the banks at their own game may seem like a rich joke, but Dmitry Agarkov, a 42-year-old Russian man, may have managed it. Unhappy with the terms of an unsolicited credit card offer he received from online bank Tinkoff Credit Systems, Agarkov scanned the document, wrote in his own terms and sent it through. The bank approved the contract without reading the amended fine print, unwittingly agreeing to a 0 percent interest rate, unlimited credit and no fees, as well as a stipulation that the bank pay steep fines for changing or canceling the contract...."" rel="nofollow -

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: s. p. a. t.
Date Posted: Aug 30 2013 at 6:34am
Oh That's FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thumbs Up to you Geno for posting this!!  Clap


S. P. A. T.

Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Aug 30 2013 at 11:25pm
 Imagine if everybody did this when the SPAM Bankster mail shows up in the mailbox *LoL*LOL

-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

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