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Potato Salad !

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Topic: Potato Salad !
Posted By: toad
Subject: Potato Salad !
Date Posted: Jun 27 2007 at 2:30pm
TongueI'm gonna put my secret family version of Potato salad in here,
and listen to the screams of the dieters and the health freeks.
My potato salad is hard to make. It is also expensive to make.
It takes a lot of preperation. Take a hard look at all the contents, and it will give you a good idea if you will like it or not. Some prefer rather bland
fare, like the stuff you can buy at the deli section of the supermarket.
To me it tastes like wallpaper paste. My version will not please everyone,
but It is a different way of doing an old time favorite. I wouldn't eat it
any other way !!Tongue I will continue now with the recipe.......

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Jun 27 2007 at 3:14pm
DeadI just printed out my recipe and it went to vapor.
Tell S.P.A.T. that I want to,..kill !!!!!!

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Jun 27 2007 at 4:50pm
Big%20smile                                   Potato Salad
This batch will feed 15 people at a cook-out with a little leftover for the chef [if your lucky]
Start with 10 large Idaho potatoes peeled and cut into thirds [length wise] Boil untill done. do not over or under cook. Cool after cooking
They should be soft, but not fall apart.
hard boil 15 eggs..Peel and cool
Dice up the following: 2 green peppers,2 red bell peppers, 2 large sweet onions, i small package of radishes,4 stalks of celery hearts.
Fry up 1 and a half pounds of good thick sliced bacon crisp, and crumble this up into small pieces. Save the bacon grease.
Dice up ten of the eggs. Place all of this stuff into a very large pot or bowl
that will hold all of it. Add I large jar of mayo. 2 tablespoons of cracked black pepper, and a little salt. Fold everything together and add half of the bacon grease. When totally mixed, tranfer the salad to 2 serving bowls. Slice the remaining eggs into 1/4 inch slices, and spread them
on the top of the salad for a classy presentation. Shake out a little
Paparika on top..and a little more cracked pepper..and your done!
Lots of work...expensive...but Super Good. If it sounds good to you..
try it !! I am gonna make some for the forth of July fun.

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: M I X E Y
Date Posted: Jun 27 2007 at 7:40pm
That's to bad Toad. Maybe it timed out like on MySpace. It was happening to me the other day too.

Make sure to copy before posting. I'm not sure if there's anything S.P.A.T. can do about that. It happens everywhere on the net.

That tater salad sounds tasty !! Whatcha gonna do for the 4th??

Potato salad is so different in different parts of the world. Germans add pickles. Italians make it with olive oil and green-beans.


Posted By: Gene_Leone_Mix
Date Posted: Jun 27 2007 at 10:20pm

Once again, this sounds so good. I'm loving reading about these no holds barred recipes.
Keep in mind, I have been known to wreck making toast in a kitchen by being more worried about the music playing while I'm making the toast *lol*, (just kidding) and yet, Toad, I think I'm learning something here.
Thanks for this!

p.s. I kick ass at cawfee! *lol*

-------------" rel="nofollow - Gene_Leone_Mix

Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Jun 28 2007 at 11:31am
ShockedSome folks will look at the use of butter, shortening, and Bacon grease
in some of my recipes and think that eating this is somehow unhealthy.
Rumors persist about weight gain, heart plugging fat, insane amount of calories..etc. etc. Animal fat,lard,Vegatable shortening, corn oil, canola oil,
olive oil, peanut oil, is found at all grocery stores. It is natural, [for the most part] and when it is heated, it will burn above about 400 degrees.
Fast food resturants use some wierd oil blend that won't burn at
temps crowding 600 degrees. This wierd oil contains tropical oils..
Palm oil..etc. and other wierd un-natural stuff [Parafin?] ... and researchers have told us that these strange oils will kill us if we continue
to eat them. The amount of junk food ..etc. that we eat is
FAR WORSE than eating the natural oils and fats. If you want to see
just how bad things can get, Make some home-made whipped cream.
Pour out a pint of whipping cream in a bowl. Add a half cup of sugar,
and a tablespoon of vinilla extract. Beat it to death with a hand mixer
untill it is kinda stiff. Done !! It tastes just like what whipped cream is
supposed to taste like...GOOD! ....Now, if you want to be lazy...
go buy some cool whip. Word of WARNING !!! Read the label and
the contents. It you can convince me that these contents resemble
any form of food stuff..I will eat it.. The contents read like some form
of bio-weapon...nerve gas like stuff. I will let you eat that crap,
and I will take my chances with the real thing.
Vegetable oils, animal fats, milk products and such have worked for
human kind for centuries. I don't trust chemists fooling with what I eat.
They no longer have grills in Mickey D's or Wendy's .....
WHY?????  Can't cook a natural burger anymore??????
Your Cawfee won't kill you..and thats a good thing !!!

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: toad
Date Posted: Jun 29 2007 at 3:54pm
ApproveI went to the grocery store today and bought all the stuff needed
for a batch of potato salad. I got home about five P.M. and put it
together. I have enough to get me well into the end of next week.
The salad brings back a lot of memories to me of past holidays at this time of year. 4th of July would not be right for me without a big batch of this
stuff !!! I must tell you....It is a great batch. I will think of you all..
as I am eating it !!!TongueTongue

Down, and nearly out in Detroit......

Posted By: M I X E Y
Date Posted: Jun 29 2007 at 4:28pm
I completely agree Toad... I have a chemistry background.

What's being done with fake fat is really bad.... example in "O'Lean" type products.

If fat is not absorbed as it should be, because the body rejects it as foreign. . . it still grabs all of the fat soluble vitamins like A & E, and prevents them from being absorbed too.

Cooks who know what they are doing understand that natural oils like safflower and olive & animal fats, cannot be used at high temperatures, because they start to smoke... change chemical composition, etc. Something that started out as good for you turns into a free floating radical nightmare.

For cooking at a little higher temps... use peanut oil, corn oil, etc.

Butter is not a bad word...

neither is animal fat, provided it isn't loaded with sodium nitrates or nitrites. . . hormones, etc.

I'm with you on the Cool Whip, Toad... got to be plastic. It was such a fad to like that stuff, which was new when I was growing up; and I just didn't.

There is something to be said for having Readywhip available from time to time, however.


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